Measurements of counting seeds in glass

Successive measurements of seeds are given in a monitor view after the measurement.

In these measurements the very large "blobs" (caused by writing on the glass) are omitted. The measuring area is within the green bounding box. Blobs touching the border are omitted. Clicking on a measurement gives the next screen.
The program tries to discriminate between seeds and dust. Most of the time this is successful. Perhaps some additional software is required, depending on the circomstances at the customer.

Use key F11 to get a maximal view of the monitor. The optimal monitor resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels

Measurement 0     measurement of a ruler, to check the field of view of the camera
Measurement 1     seed diameter 0.06, 0.2x0.1
Measurement 2     seed diameter 0.11
Measurement 3     seed diameter 0.06
Measurement 4     seed diameter 0.1
Measurement 5     seed diameter 0.1
Measurement 6     seed diameter 0.4x0.2 at surface
Measurement 7     seed diameter 0.1
Measurement 8     seed diameter 0.05